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Create an Automated Database of Clients

Lead GenerationHave you ever determined the lifetime value of your clients. Think how often you have had the opportunity to serve each of your clients. Add up the value of their spend with you over 1 year, 5 years and even 20 years. Do you have a customer retention strategy?

The only way to retain customers is to cultivate the relationship you have with them. Once you have earned their trust you need to keep it. One way is to constantly add value to your relationship with them.
You need to do this by communicating with them. One of the ways to communicate with your client base s by using email  as a means of  communication.

We believe a website is a great place to start a relationship with your client base. Your website could be the place where you get your clients to give you permission to send you information that is valuable to them. Remember that under the consumer protection act and anti spam act you cannot just send unsolicited special offers to your clients any more.

By integrating an automated email marketing campaign you have many opportunities to inform clients of your service offerings and enhance their perception of your business and at the same time point them in the direction of subtle services your organisation offers.

Can a personalized email campaign be automated? Yes, the best online marketers in the world use them. The technology is in place. It’s really about crafting the communications journey and fitting it into an appropriate structure.

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