Malware Threats

Nearly one million new malware threats are released every day Malware, short for malicious software, is used to gather sensitive data, gain unauthorized access to websites and even hijack computers. There are a variety of ways a cybercriminal can use malware to infect your website. Not to mention all of the different malware types and purposes. Not […]

Price Increase Web Hosting & Email

18 April 2018 Email is the bain of our lives. Such a necessity and yet such a time waster.At The Online Marketer we have managed to offer you a basic email account as part of your web hosting package since inception but unfortunately that is about to change. Our upline provider of the hosting service […]

The Blogging Blues Workshop

Eight non bloggers got together recently at Jemima’s Guest House In East London for a blogging workshop to learn the basics, to create a blogging plan and learn how to use Trello as a tool to get over the blogging blues. For an anxious few this turned out to be a good experience and we […]

How do you shape up with your online marketing efforts?

I work with many small and medium sized business people. These people are really the foot soldiers of the economy. Each and every one of them has a huge amount of responsibility and most multitask between various roles. They are not masters of all trades however and most are pretty suspicious of snake oil salesmen. […]