The Consumer Power Shift

Businesses are waking up to a new reality in terms of a power shift that has taken place in the market place. Gone are the days where business can dictate terms to their clients. It seems that many small businesses and some large ones are battling to come to terms with this reality. Recently I […]

The Numbers Game to Profitability

There are certain marketing metrics you need to follow in your business to ensure continued growth and profitability. It is within every business persons reach to do this. Following the numbers game will dramatically improve your bottom line. Here are the seven numbers you should be watching: Foot traffic. Opt ins. Conversions. Average item sale […]

The Numbers Game

I’m often confronted with business owners who are concerned about their profitability or the sustainability of their business.  Small business owners in particular are bogged down with legal requirements, staff management and allocation of scarce resources that they find themselves becoming task mangers rather than being the visionary entrepreneurs that they set out to be […]

Why do small businesses feel strange about asking for money?

At our Online Marketing Agency we work hard for our clients. We are meticulous about our research which adds enormous value to the effectiveness of our clients websites and online marketing campaigns. We compete with graphic designers who produce visually appealing sites but who never stand a chance in hell of being found on Google. […]

The advantages of taking action

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I’d been asked to address a guest house forum on tackling social media. As this is such a broad topic I didn’t want it to become another “how to” and chose to focus on the power shift from business to consumer as a result of the new ways […]