Who do you target with your website?

Thought for today!  There are a number of reasons people may visit your website.  They most probably are looking for a solution to a problem.   Where to stay? Where to go on holiday? How to solve backache? Where to find a loan at good rates?  Or they may be passing the time.  They want opinions, […]

The One Factor to Ensure Social Media Success

Have many sales is your social media strategy giving your business? Is social media something you love or could you just not be bothered? Is the time and effort you spend on social media paying dividends? Are you getting visitors to your website? Are you getting conversions or sales as a result of the time […]

Blue Ocean Strategy is to be found in openness on the net

One of my favorite books – Blue Ocean Strategy: How To Create Uncontested Market Space And Make The Competition Irrelevant ” talks about doing things in a new and different way.  For a business to secure it’s future it needs to redefine its role and products or services to ensure success.For a business to secure it’s future […]

We have had to re-imagine the way we communicate

In case you have missed it the world has changed the way it communicates. In South Africa in 1984 the Facsimile machine was the latest thing, the internet only became popular in 1992, email was not in general use until a few years later and the Post Office was the main means of distributing written communication.

Olympic Games Highlights Communication Changes

The way we have evolved, at least  in terms of communications, was brought to light on Friday during the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. American TV channel NBC is the of broadcast partner in America and they decided not to broadcast the three hour long opening ceremony live, but would wait […]