The progress paradox – The third phase

We fear what we don’t know about. We fear change. We don’t like doing things differently. Humans are amazing creatures. We love our comfort zones. Growth only occurs when we leave our comfort zones. For the majority of us, we only leave our comfort zones when the pain of staying where we are exceeds the […]

Moving with the times.

We’ve spoken before about the dramatic increase in the number of people who use mobile devices such as smart phones to access the internet. In South Africa, we lagged behind with this trend until the latter part of 2015. From 2016 onwards the data tells us that a lot more than 50% of Google searches […]

Essential Marketing Metrics to Follow

I often get told by clients that they battle to measure their marketing efforts, well at the very least these are the marketing numbers you need to know. These numbers serve to focus ones mind. Once you have this perspective I can show you how to double your profits within a year. What is the […]

Stalk your clients – Should you?

Is stalking creepy? Normally yes. But when you use technology to target people who have previously shown an interest in your website and then display an ad to them. It’s genius! This is known as Remarketing. At The Online Marketer we can set up a remarketing campaign for you that does just that. Here is […]