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copywritingWriting copy for your website is VERY important. The way your content is structured and written is a big factor in determining your page ranking in in the search engines.

Search engines just love delivering great content for search engine queries.

When you create your website to sell your products and services you are actually taking part in a competition. You’re competing to supply your products and services,  but in the online world, your goal is a coveted front page position.

At The Online Marketer, we know that the higher up on the front page search results you land, the greater the chance is that someone will read your landing page.

Getting to the front page is the first step. Then people need to take action after reading your page. You want them to subscribe to your data base or give you a call. So converting them is just as important.

This takes skill. So when it comes to copywriting, ask a professional. It could triple your conversion rate.

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