Creating a gmail account for your mail

At The Online Marketer we allow you as many email accounts as you may like. However to get the most out of your email we suggest that you load the imap protocol.

A complete guide to setting your email is to be found on our website at

 But read on to get a better idea of why it is better to reroute your mail through gmail.

The email setup page on

IMAP protocol suits our busy lifestyles. It will allow you to access your email on your laptop / desktop or your tablet / phone and when you open the email on one device it refelcts on the other device. To do this our servers need to hold a copy of all your mail.

Which eventually becomes problematic because space = money.

If you use the old fashioned “pop” protocols this isnt a problem at all, but you suffer by having less functionality as your email lands up on the device with which you open it.


We have a solution

Gmail offers an amazing service which allows you to store up to 15 gigabytes of email on their servers with no charge. That’s awesome. There is a way to route your emails through gmail without your clients even knowing that they are stored ina gmail account.

This tutorial is designed to show you how.

Open a Gmail account if you don’t have one already. You will need one for each email address.

1. Go to: in your browser.

2. Click on “Create Account”


Create your Google Account

Add in your details and create account.


Create your Google Account

Accept privacy terms etc and complete registration.


Google Accounts

You will be required to verify your account.


Go to the settings page


Settings – – Gmail

Add another email address you own ie. Add tou email address


Gmail – Add another email address you own

1. Use the given settings

2. Use your full email address and password provided for your email at your domain.


Webmail – Login

1. Log into

2. Enter your full email and password

webmail-login – Webmail

Look for an email with your confirmation code


Gmail – Edit email address – verification

Enter your confirmation code.


Settings – select default email

1. Choose this setting.

2. Make your new email your default email address.


Settings – Change to IMAP

1. Select the forwarding tab

2. Go to your pop/imap tab and select imap enabled


Configure your mail app on your PC

Finally head down to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to configure your email account in your mail application. You must now install your google account onto your outlook etc and it will behave as if it is your own email account on your own domain.



If you had setup your email address directly onto your email client application such as Outlook you could delete that account.


You will loose old emails that are stored on your device so tread cauriously.

Gmail now stores up to 15Gigs of old emails. Thats pretty awesome.