The advantages of operating an eCommerce website

eCommerce websites offer businesses many advantages over conventional retailers.

  1. Your eCommerce website is your shop front to the world. An online presence allows you to expand your markets from your physical presence.
  2. You don’t necessarily have to hold stock of the products you sell. You may be able to arrange drop shipping direct from the manufacturer or importer. As an example a South African photo backdrop supplier drop ships directly from her Chinese manufacturer. She emails designs and the manufacturer ships with her specially designed packaging.
  3. eCommerce solutions allow you to specialise your business to the nth degree. An example of this would be a specialist tea shop who could sell tea bags harvested from a  single plantation in the coastal belt of the Transkei region of South Africa. Based in Cape Town South Africa, this tea shop may not find a huge market but world wide there is a select few who love the strength of hand harvested tea from the Magwa tea plantation near Lusikisiki on the east coast of South Africa. Every industry has suppliers who do not specialise as much as this because of the cost constraints of holding stock.
  4. eCommerce allows for product reviews by clients and customers. These reviews can be shared on social media driving more business to your site.
  5. Your store is always open. Your eCommerce website can be set up to respond to your clients 24/7 365 days a year.
  6. Consistant service. Your eCommerce website doesn’t get sick, have off days and get disgruntled with management. It produces quality responses as long as it’s active.
  7. You get to know your customers. They tell you who they are and where they stay. You can advise them of specials and developments amongst products they are interested in. You have a mechanism for building a relationship with them. You are able to measure sales per person, create upsets and referral sales and monitor repeat visits form your clients. You have the ultimate business measurement tool.
An eCommerce website gives you a powerful measurable platform to promote your goods and services. The more specialised you are the better your business will prosper.

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