Leigh Skinner Tebbutt Website Revamp

We were put in charge of designing and developing a new website for Leigh. It was an exciting and fun project to be apart of!

Leigh embraces life and the people that surround her. Her art work reflects this philosophy and it can be said that Leigh ventures where others fear to tread. She loves dealing with people, capturing their lives and telling their stories, but she also uses her abstract art to express her emotions and to tell her own story, or reveal her emotions.

Leigh was a great client to work with. She was also our first client to participate in our Trello and Scrum workflow. It allows our clients to be a part of the workflow empowering them to take action in the work process.

View it - www.leighskinnertebbutt.co.za

Leigh Skinner Tebbutt - http___www.leighskinnertebbutt.co.za_

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