Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click advertising is the most exciting aspect of Googles offering.

Pay Per Click AdvertisingIt allows you to short circuit webpage optimisation and get your site featured onto the front page of Google very quickly. Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click advertising medium. You buy your ads on an online auction. However Google is obsessed with relevance and therefore allows you a large discount for ads that it deems are relevant.

Google assigns a quality score to all ads submitted. If your quality score is higher then you pay less for your advert to appear. So structuring your Google Adwords campaign can save you thousands of Rands. At The Online Marketer our Pay Per Click campaigns are optimised for Googles love. We specialise in getting better quality scores for your ads and therefore reduce the cost of advertising.

All campaigns are very measurable and you are in charge of your budget. In our experience, Google pay per click ads offer the best advertising value on the South African market.

Let us show you why and how.

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